Even though we're into February now, as we've been in Asia and Asia is gearing up for the Chinese New Year the following greeting is not quite as irrelevant as it might seem:-) Happy New Year,  all of you!

OK,  where have I been? You didn't miss me? Oh. Aw gee, :-(  I missed you...
Two days after Xmas hubby and I got out our luggage from the attic and headed for Asia: my favourite part of the world.
Besides the agony of deciding what clothes to pack (I might have eschewed beauty but I wanna look good!) there is,  these days, the medication for a digestive system destroyed by my own issues. There's age-related stuff like contact lenses and glasses,  menopausal muti (South African for medicine) , his pain-killers and blood pressure pills and plasters,  oh man,  it's ALMOST enough to make me stay home.
Not quite so I stuffed my e-reader in my handbag and then confronted the other me: "you can come along",  I said, "but you are not going to run the show . You are not going to influence me in a negative way. You only get to come along because you are part of me but back off and lie low".
So off we flew.  He,  me and it.  I started off with flu, we both had colds,  I got an upset tummy but all good, no problems. Edie stayed quiet. New Year's Eve in Hong Kong and we were in bed by ten.  Yeah... But we had fun.  Diet-wise not a problem. Then on to Vietnam. Again: great going. Lots of weird meals in weird places but I am having a ball.  This is Green Mango Salad: Google it now and make: divine...
Then this morning I went off alone with the driver because Himself caught a tummy bug. I really wanted to see the Tombs of Wotsit and the Thingy Pagoda.
So I sat in the back of the car and suddenly I realised the awful fact that for the last 30 km I hadn't  seen a thing of the fabulous view: I was stressing about my cheek bones. You know why,  don't you? The car window had become a mirror. And that mirror was shutting out the view.  
Because I have not been able to check myself out full length for 2 weeks now. Because it's way colder than it should be I have been trying to buy some warmer clothes. And the Vietnamese are much smaller than I am. I have to ask for 5XL.  At home I'm a respectable 40/42. But the little old lady who gestured a wide posterior caught me on the raw,  apparently.

So Edie was suddenly very much part of the company. I had to meditate in the thingy pagoda for quite some time to get her back in her side pocket. I saw it all after the window cleared up again: I am a privileged, happy traveller.  But I was reminded of you all. And I want you to know: don't use your window as a mirror. It's a distorted picture, at best. Let your mirror be your best self and look through the window to see the world.

(About the cheekbones: of course I checked them again in the hotel mirror : I can't see any difference and I might have brought Edie along but no scale so I told me that my cheekbones are not relative to my holiday.  Off to check out a palace with my wide but happy posterior).