Meditating: Playbreaks for the Spirit

  • Published: 13 March 2017

If you've ever lived near a school you will have noticed: 2 minutes after the play break bell rings, the doors open and a troop of yelling kids pours onto the playground. For the first 5 minutes of break the temporarily freed little monkeys scream out their frustration at being cooped up. They run and yell and let it all out and then they quieten and settle to play. The monkeys are gone and they're children again and they play. Meditating is very much like those first minutes after the playbreak bell goes...

3 Breaths for Focus: how to keep Mind, Body and Spirit on your yoga mat

  • Published: 22 April 2016

Most of us are practising Yoga for more reasons than the right to wear cool gear and post selfies of our body folded into weird shapes while we stand on our ear tip. We want to focus our Mind, (re)vitalize our Body and enlighten our Spirit (I did say MOST of us, didn't I?)
In spite of these lofty ideals we have all experienced those days when you roll out your yoga mat, jump into the flow and an hour later you have reorganised your diary, planned a baby shower, analysed your next project at work, and during relaxation/meditation you have worked through that argument with your partner/BFF/Boss. The ultimate multitasking but do you feel refreshed, energised and relaxed? How do we keep our minds in the now and the outside world our of our practice?

A Soldiering Heart

  • Published: 08 January 2017

Life regularly requires us to go on, regardless of the circumstances. 'Soldiering on' it is often called:  Mud, mortors or military mania: you're a soldier, so you march. As human beings? Biology orders us to carry on, so we do. Each in our own way using whatever talents we have to keep alive as best we can.

Meditating on Me- Hands

  • Published: 27 June 2015

After a couple of weeks of excuses I went into my nicely tidied meditation room, (cleared the ironing so the atmosphere of undone chores disappears and the serenity of a clear conscience gets some space:-). I lit a candle and switched on the Buddha music.

To the lovely sounds of Wei Li I moved through my own flow. Looking at myself in the mirror I thought that it looked as if I've gained some weight. No, wait: truthfully?  I thought: God you're getting fat. I recognized the thought and also thought: Man! you've got your fat glasses on!