Feedly, Facebook, Pinterest: I even Twitter. Twitter only every now and then, not often, because just the thought of 'twittering'  reminds me of Georgette Heyer and is enough to put me off. But I am a modern 60+, keeping up with the world and so I Twitter. I have a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone. I Whatsapp and Message and Pin. Tumblr is one step too far but Facebook is of course fun. You keep up with one another's hobbies and you don't have to get out the car or bicycle to see your best friends'  holiday snaps. You can show off the grandchildren. I follow authors and artists. My Facebook feed is full of inspiring quotes that sometimes get so sweet it grates my teeth.



But Feedly. Oh that news feed. The one I read every second day because my conscience tells me I need to keep up with world news. Today I read about the fleeing Boko Haram murdering their 'wives' in the expectation of reunification in heaven after death. I read of the death of grasslands birds through intensive farming methods: of farmers who protect birds which then get killed off in the fields of the neighbours. There is worry about the eclipse of the sun: we might have problems with the power grid. A top man of our largest insurance company has been accused of unnamed unsuitable actions. Hilary Clinton's mail is still keeping the Americans obsessed. IS is still murdering and raping in the name of God.

This is just a minor extract of what the English and Dutch language news gives out to keep me up to date. On a daily basis. We won't mention Stef Blatter and his whole corrupt football jamboree being played over the backs of slavery in Qatar. We won't think of the minor and major food industry debacles: the conflicting messages of what we can and cannot eat, what they have put into and taken out of our food. Taking fluoride out of our water ruined our kids'teeth. Putting it in gave them ADHD. Eating disorders, health scares, the Kardashians. I actually still don't know who they are but apparently some of you are interested in them. My husband knows to tell me only the bare bones of their doings, but it is clear: they (or she?)  are fascinating.


Well, just the reading of Feedly and the rest gets terribly depressing let's face it. Not even Google's little flowers on the search page got to lift my heart. I'm going to need a major session of meditation and yoga to lift me out of the slough of despondency that keeping up with the world is inclined to cast me. Then I'm going to read all those syrupy posts on Facebook.

And if that doesn't work? There's those gluten-free, sugar free, dairy free but hugely decadent brownies I baked last night. Thanks Elana's Pantry (elanaspantry.com), you saved me from Xanax, Prozac and Seroxat.


  There is an upside to Internet after all