We all have expectations of change in the New Year, don’t we? Most of us hope that we will, at the end of the year, say 31st of Decemberish, be better versions of ourself, right? A Thinner, nicer, cleverer and hopefully richer me.

The only thing I know for sure is that I will be richer.
Thinner will only happen if I stop eating all kinds of stuff I love. Not an option. Nicer I am working on but I dunno if it is working yet...Cleverer is something I don’t  care about any more. No, truly. I have a couple of absolutely brilliant geniuses around me and to be honest: does their brilliance make them nicer, thinner or richer? Not that I have noticed. They have to work just as hard at it as you or I, so seeing as, at this stage of my life it is more about emotions than rationality I will stay with what I know. It's quite a lot actually. I add where and what is practicable and head for the emoticons.

Okay, where are these riches I aim to amass going to come from?
Investments? Inheritance? Lottery? Nah: we don’t ‘invest’ (other than Himself's one admittedly spectacular little jaunt into Shares). Despite the old Granny’s advanced age, or maybe because of it, we have no expectations of anything more than we already have and really: I don’t actually want her to pop her clogs . That leaves the lottery and like Mo, we’d need to buy a lottery ticket. Not gonna happen. So where will the riches come from that I am counting on?From you. Yes, YOU.

You are, in some way, going to enrich my life.
Don’t worry, it’s very easy, no curriculum, no hard work, no stress. You just have to be you. In all your pretty, ugly, clever, stupid, kind and horrible glory you must just be you. No lying, no pretending: pure, undiluted you. You are going to teach me a lesson. Or two or three. Did you know that? Have you been practising? Not necessary. You are going to add to my knowledge base. To my emotions. By the end of this year you will have changed my life in some definite or indefinite way. Every time you make a choice, every time you smile at a beggar or buy that Homeless Magazine. Every time you lie and manipulate and cheat. You vote. You judge. You laugh and cry and dance. The effects of you being alive ripple out and touch my life. Just as the ripples of my choices touch your life.It’s quite a thought, isn’t it?

So I am going to make a deal with you:
How about I don’t lie or cheat or manipulate? I take a deep breath when I am irritated or tired or feeling bad and I don’t grump at you. I don't judge. I smile at strangers. How about I become a positive ripple in the bit of the world I populate?

Online, in the streets, I will use Truth and Sincerity in my dealings with you.

Whatever you do, you will be touching my life.
I will learn from whatever you do. And the more mindful you are the richer my life will be. So each time you choose to do something positive, imagine me with a huge smile. Imagine me as I put my arms around you and give you a huge hug. You will almost automatically hug me back, that's the way it works.

How about I get to spend the whole year hugging people? That way I will be the richest person in the world….

Happy, Hugfull New Year.