Don't tell me you don't love your birthday. How can you not love the fact that one day your parents got together in the most intimate way and made YOU! A startup of note and whatever you make of your life: that was your biggest moment.

It doesn't actually matter if your life-donors were great parents or just people mating, if they were in love, had a one-night stand while roaring drunk or even if you came into being through violence: coming alive doesn't always happen within a happy marriage and not every worthwhile man or woman was conceived by sterling citizens. It isn't always great to consider how you were conceived but whatever happened, the happy result is that YOU were born and that definitely is a reason for celebration. 

My birthday this year was amazing:
 My closest family wasn't in town but they were here, with loving phone calls, with special delivery flowers. Oh yes, I felt the love.

My best friend and I spend the evening at our favourite spa, and the tail-end of my day was spent scrolling through the loving and funny Facebook posts. But the very best gift of all came as this insight during the Walking Meditation. I did not cancel my Wednesday morning Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation & so I packed my blanket, "left my birthday and ego" at the door and threw my Mind, Body and Spirit into the morning. As we slowly paced the room, after I 'emptied my mind', this wonderful thought came and took up residence:

I love my birthday because I am so glad I was born. And every year, as the 13th of April rolls around, I am so glad that my parents made love and then me. 
Now you might think me slightly narcissistic in this but listen up: it has taken me 63 years to realise that, however hard it has been sometimes, no matter how unhappy I have been now and again; even during the deepest depression: never, at any stage (outside of Teenage Angst), have I regretted being born. 

Of course I have bewailed my circumstances. I have misunderstood much of what life is about. I have even, on a fairly regular basis, wished it were over. But I HAVE NEVER REGRETTED BEING BORN.
This, my friends, was my birthday gift this year. The knowledge that I have been a relevant part of this world. Part of the story. I had some role to play. As long as I breathe, I have a role to play. Even now, as I write this, I am doing my bit. The confluence of atoms that is Mel has importance and relevance. When I 'die' my atoms will go out and be incorporated into life. I truly believe that that which we call 'life after death' is that: the atoms of the world exchanging one shape for another, taking their knowledge and experience with them so that your intuition is actually just my experience.


Every one of you should celebrate your birth.
Every one of you has relevance. 
Best of all is this: you are supposed to be whoever you are at any given point in your life. Each manifestation of you is the right one.  In your world and in mine, you are of importance. I personally am so glad you were born. If our relationship is challenging, so be it. We both needed the challenge.

(If I did you dirt, I am so sorry but apparently you needed dirt done to you. If you did me dirt I will take into consideration you needed to be doing some dirt:-).sad

Go out there my friends and celebrate your birth and I will celebrate with you. Whatever life throws at you, however hard it is to keep on going: that one fact will be worth celebrating. Long after your death, we will be glad you were born.