??? You still think like that? You used to think like that but, goodness gracious! You can't still be thinking like that, surely? Your body has changed, hasn't it? It changes all the time: as you walk around it changes. And so does the rest of the world: because we are all atoms and the atoms are shooting around and becoming part of everything all the time. Your mind is part of your body and so how can you change your body and not change your mind?Time for a reboot: your physical form has changed and therefore so has your metaphysical form.



As a child your parents were the first to tell you what to think. Because you were so small and new it was hard to know what to think and they told you it was wrong anyway. You knew one thing in those days: they were the boss. You had to think that way because your hard disk was empty and they were Play Store and providing the apps. But surely, at some stage, you got to delete some of their data? Surely you learned to change apps, get updates? 

God Clapped
Without change, there would be no life on this planet. Truly. There would be the moment before the big bang, maybe (but something changed so there was gearing-up-to-change...). But without change, not even the big bang would have happened because that was change too. The earth changed, the air changed. A barren ball of matter changed into 'The Earth.' Plants happened, bacteria joined forces that became stromatolites and emitted a gas that was oxygen and voilà, there was life.
{If you need a version with a God then how about the one who waved his/her hand because he/she was bored with the unchanging nature of that ball of matter rolling through the galaxies endlessly and they wanted change and so they waved. Or clapped. Maybe that was the Big Bang. If God clapped, the Bang would be Big, yes?}

(I looooove stromatolites: the only reason why I agreed to go to Australia was because I could go visit with them. 

And I did!!!!!)

Ready to die: life is a change-fest
Change is practically the only thing that is unchanging: it happens. Long after Buddhists worked out how very much we humans are not separate from the world we live in, scientists worked out the theories of the smallest part being part of the whole. It's all about atoms and protons and neurons and stuff that my brain doesn't find fascinating enough to work through and therefore I go with the main headline: we are all part of the whole. That tree, a cloud, a bomb, a bullet. We are all part of the whole. 
Not only are we part of that whole but purely physiologically we change all the time: our skin sloughs off, our cells die, mutate, are born. And not all at the same time so it's not like every 7 years you go: tadáááá! I'm new again! Yay, birthday party!  Nope, it's a non-stop change-fest. From the moment the cells that are needed to form us are born, our change and death are built in. We are ready to die before we are born. 

For 5 years I took a sleeping tablet every single night. I couldn't sleep without and I did not even want to try. After tackling alcoholism and smoking and eating disorders I was sick and tired of all the work on my physical habits and I gave me a break. I am what I am, I thought. Mentally fragile. Emotionally fragile. I needed some form of support and good sleep is, with a fibromyalgic, not often an option. My sleeping tablets were my last 'bad habit' (the occasional chocolate/chips/cookie binge is my humanity, leave it alone!). Then I learned about change. About non-duality. Being part of the whole. Suddenly, out of the blue, one day I couldn't face the thought of eating meat again. And 6 days ago I fell asleep before I could take a tablet. I have been without these highly addictive tablets since then. A miracle cure? Buddha Backing Mel? Nope: change. I used to be fragile. I'm not anymore. I changed.

While all this is happening, 4! of my family members are dealing with cancer. The ultimate change. One has been in remission for some years now. Another has a form of cancer that is growing (changing) so slowly he might die of a variety of illnesses before his form of cancer has a chance kill him and a 3rd has come to the conclusion that he has been treated enough and is letting go. The fourth person has just started fighting and we are fighting the good fight with her, but I am very aware of the impermanence of life right now...

So change has happened. Is happening.  You just have to recognize it. It means that good things end. But so do bad things. Not only are they part of the whole, they are not the all. Change is a chance to look at life through a new lens. To go left instead of right. Up instead of down. To look at the world around you and see that it has changed since the last time you 'made up your mind' and, like your bed, it needs to be made up again. And every day you make up your bed a little bit differently. The sheets are slightly more wrinkled, you have something else to do or you take less time: it changes. You can change the way you think, the way you look at your life, yourself and everything else. 
Change is truly the best news we ever got.