The Truth is Scary but Lies are Scarier

  • Published: 09 January 2016

As soon as I move back to the path of being the me I like to be it's as though life says: "Hey you! Listen up!" And the thought or insight I need gets hammered into me whether I like it not. This week I have been hounded by TRUTH. Scary, like Halloween monsters could never be. We are terrified of the truth. We avoid it at all costs from the day we are born. And we die with lies on our lips: the lies of unspoken love, fear and indifference.

Outside Labels on the Inner Child

  • Published: 26 October 2015

It all starts in the playgrounds of our merciless society.
This week my inner-child had a wobbly and I almost derailed a process that was going along very well and happily without too much input from me. This of course is bad for the control-freak that I am. How can anything get done properly without me??!! So it starts brewing in there. Then something was organised that I didn't get invited to and I swear, that little pest that never got chosen for games on playgrounds and the school fields, threw a hissy fit. Really! At 62???!!!! When is that @#$%&* child going to go away!

Love just is!

  • Published: 21 November 2015
Family, like fish, will start to stink after 3 days. We've been here now for 8 and there is no stink. No, truly. There is the the smell of alcohol and there is tobacco. Everyone other than myself indulges in these two habits. Some to excess. But the smell of tobacco and alcohol is hiding nothing other than intense affection. And again I learn about love. 

Wannabe-me and Reality-me

  • Published: 22 October 2015

What I want to be and who I am,
is not necessary the same thing. Because I am not unique I think we probably all have an idealized version of who we would like to be.
In fact, when you realize just how far apart the two versions of ‘me’ are it can be downright embarrassing.