Alter: my other Me

  • Published: 21 April 2017

We all have an 'alter-ego' and some of these voices in our head are pretty mean. They drive us to drink, insanity, depression and into doing nasty things that the other side of us does not like at all. These other sides of us reside in our mind and wake up regularly to tell us how inadequate we are, fat, ugly, dumb: you think of a negative and that voice in your head will have it down to a fine art.

Karma on a bicycle

  • Published: 22 June 2016


Yesterday I fell off my bicycle. True as bob. At the cost of a scraped shoulder, irritated hip, stiff neck and a headache courtesy of the handlebar that whacked my temple,  I learned a couple of lessons. Why I needed to learn them I don't even WANT to know. 

Not-Christmas Wishes

  • Published: 11 December 2016

Hard Times

The last 2 weeks, as those of you who know us intimately have been able to read, have been very bad. I can’t say the worst of our life because hey, distance fades pain and agony and we're human, with all the attendant drama. But bad this definitely was. We are not really out of it yet, either. Himself has been through several serious/critical phases through these weeks and is frail, so we can only sit next to him and nag him into getting better. But this morning my thoughts crystallized through the fear, pain and sorrow: