From pizza crust, fried rice and general juice-of-food-sponge to burger bun, the world of cauliflower is ever-expanding. Never, in my wildest dreams, would I have thought that my favorite veggie would become my go-to ingredient when gluten started giving me grief.  And now, my once-a-month treat of beef burgers just got a whole lot better: cauliflower buns!!!

These paleo burgers were inspired by Lexi's Clean Kitchen. My first ever cauli-bagels were amazing because I ate them with sliced avocado and it looked like this:caulibagels

They tasted just as amazing as they looked, so thank you very much Lexi.smileyI have also eaten these with homemade paté and duck rillettes. There's actually not much you can't eat them with!

Burger lust:

Last year, I developed a taste for beef burgers. Good ones, without loads of gunk in or on them. So about once a month hubby minces good organic stewing beef (chuck steak could very well do for this) and simply adds salt and pepper just before he shapes the burgers and pIMG_20150401_170458uts them on the heated grill... NOTHNG ELSE!!!! No flours, or bread crumbs or anything else AT ALL!!!!! It is improtant toIMG_20150401_171436 remember that salt will extract juices so it can only be added at the last moment. But then you have the best burgers in the world. We have used rib-eye steaks, fillets and even Entrecôte, but when it comes down to it, good quality stewing beef does the best job.

Cauli lust: I can bake gluten free buns for the burgers, and I have done, on a regular basis. Want the recipe? We'll get there. But this is just soooo good:

(For the original recipe for Everything Bagel cauliflower bagels, please go to: and follow instructions.)

For newbies, cut your cauliflower into florets, remove as much of the stem as possible and then 'rice' your florets in your food processor. Do it in batches. This time I chose fairly large rice grains but next time I will let it go a little finer: this will keep your buns more sturdy. If you don't have a processor: chopping is a very Zen-like occupation:-).

For burgers I went a different road, so let me lead you down my garden path: IMG_20150401_162123



OK, let's go:

1 small to medium head of organic cauliflower, riced. My cauliflower gave me 4 cups of rice.

In the bowl with the cauliflower I added, all organic:

2  large eggs

4 tbsp almond flour

1 tbsp. quinoa flour/coconut flour/corn flour (whatever you have available)

1 whole clove of pressed fresh garlic

1 teaspoon salt

For the top of your buns: about 5 tbsp sesame seeds, some salt.

Salad leaves, sliced tomato, fried onions, tomato ketchup and mayonaise to serve.

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius or 400 Fahrenheit.



Add flours, eggs, salt and garlic to the cauliflower and mix well. If it's too wet, add a little flour, too dry: a drop of egg white would help; stirring a little longer will give the salt  time to start extracting the juices and then you're also set.


Line a baking sheet with parchment and divide your 'batter' into the sort of size you want. Our burger ring is biiig so our buns get made just as biiiig:


Sprinkle sesame seeds and salt on the top of  half of your slices, press down a bit to let them stick. Place the baking sheet in your oven (you cIMG_20150401_165448an see I hadn't realised I only needed to sprinkle topping on half of the slices) and  bake for approx. 20 minutes. If you're grilling your burgers at the same time, bake for about 25 minutes until golden brown.




Do NOT go off to play with your web site and leave hubby to yell up the stairs if it was meant for your buns to be burnt???


Anyway: this was the end result, and I can tell you: it is more than worth it!


Go try, I promise. And because there was way too much cauliflower burger slices for one meal I cut one up cold this morning and added it to my breakfast salad. Works beauoootifully.

and Jan, not being gluten-free or Paleo (poor sap) had these:

jans burgers

Go chop, doll!