Oh dear: at the tail end of a week of strict paleo eating I run out of what I feel are paleo breakfast ingredients: spinach, ham or salad leaves, in short: whatever makes up a smoothie can make up a paleo breakfast. A bag of carrots and three bell peppers and no meat makes me unhappy and uninspired. Thank goodness I remembered the 1 1/2 banana in the freezer. Eggs are always there and my Saturday was made!

Because I can be incredibly lazy, I didn't feel like frying three pans of pancakes and because it is a very egg-y mixture, I went for an omelette-style mega banana pancake.

For 1 person:

1 1/2 RIPE bananas, mashed.
2 eggs, whisked with:
1/2 tsp (teaspoon) vanilla extract
pinch of salt
1/8 tsp baking powder (I used baking soda, natrium bicarbonate, worked just as well
paleo fat to fry in (I used ghee..not quite paleo but mmm)

Maple syrup (optional)
fresh berries (optional).

Switch on your grill (if you have one)
Mix banana with egg mixture well. Fry in small portions of about 2 tablespoons per pancake at medium temperature, flip when it looks and feels sturdy.
For the omelette: grease your pan well, pour in all the mixture and let it set at medium temperature. Place under grill until it starts smelling good and gets a slight tan.

No grill? Place a lid on your frying pan with a little air vent, turn your temp. down a bit more and leave to set. Flipping is not an option unless you go into the: flip onto plate, slide back into pan and risk a mess. Still edible but: a mess:-).

I used a tablespoon of maple syrup but feel free to use fruit sauce, fresh fruit or nothing extra at all


With thanks to www.paleoleap.com