I love a good wrap and no fast food chain does it for me. So I made my own and Glory Be! These wraps are quick and easy and a base for almost any kind of bread: make it thin and it's a wrap, make it thick and you can shape and flatten and dry-fry into flatbread! Go for it and I won't waffle on! 

1 350 gr Jar of chickpeas sieved with their aquafaba (brine) saved
1 cup chickpea flour (I was about ⅛ cup short and used millet flour. This could also be substituted with corn flour or sorghum) or just use the right amount😀

½cup tapioca flour
½ teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
3/4 cup liquid: the brine with 1 tbs olive oil supplemented with water.

Mix the dry ingredients well,  whisk in the aquafaba with the oil and then add water till you get a fairly thick crèpe or thin pancake batter. If you start getting bubbles just drop your bowl of batter fairly hard on your worktop. It's not a real issue as long as you spread any wet batter in the holes while frying.

Very lightly grease a non- stick frying pan and add your batter. Go carefully here: medium to high heat. If you go too slowly it will be leathery and hug the pan. Too hot and it colors before it is done and you get a rather goopy pancake. 

I decided to fry the chickpeas also at medium heat with sea salt and spicy black pepper while frying the wraps. Great idea! Once my wraps (4 from this recipe) were all fried I spread hummus over one half of the wrap. I had prepped a salad with a sweet-ish dressing (I am rather enamored of date syrup at the moment). So I massaged that into the salad, sprinkled a handful of the fried up chickpeas and rolled it up. This is where I leave it up to your amazing creative self. Image a whole world of delicious fillings!

Today I had 2 wraps left and no hummus! But I did have Cashew+ black pepper cream spread… Ooooh. Scrumptious. Go for it and, as my sister says: Born Upa tree!