salad1 a A handful of string beans,

1 peeled and thinly sliced (I used the speed peeler for the slicing) beetroot, 1 carrot, same.

Stir-fry the beans in approx. a tbsp of healthy or 'wha'evuh'  oil of your choice. Add beet and carrot, fry for a while and put a lid on it for 5 minutes, or till the beans are at your type of crunch (I don't like raw beans). Set aside to cool a little or you'll melt your leaves:

salad1jMeanwhile you need a dressing  so you mix Tamari, oyster sauce, some honey or palm sugar syrup   (I just used the juice: don't really need extra sweetness) and juice from an old orange you peeled,  cut into itsy-bitsy pieces and squeezed a bit. to give enough juice for the dressing

salad1  Remnants of a bag of mixed salad leaves and some mache, arranged artfully in your dish, snotty bits removed.


salad1dAdd the slightly cooled veggies to your salad

salad1eShred the roast chicken breast languishing in the freezer

salad1iSome home-fermented sauerkraut and beetroot (Martha Stewart eat your heart out), slosh on plenty of dressing (you can add oil if you were stingy in the frying) Oh, and that old avocado got conscripted too..

salad1f                                                                                               NO WONDER  I DON'T GET THE FLU: MIRACLE FOOD!!!!